Microservices Practitioner Virtual Summit
July 24 - 27 2017

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The Microservices.com summit will be hosted virtually.

Speakers Include

Paul MacKay
Software Architect at Ancestry

Lauri Apple
Open Source Evangelist at Zalando

Matt Klein
Senior Software Engineer at Lyft

Author: Envoy

Kevin Lynch
Tech Lead, SRE at Squarespace

Doug Jones
Tech Lead, Core Services at Squarespace

“This is one of the most useful technical conferences that I've attended. I learned a lot about microservices from all of the speakers, and have subsequently been able to use many of the lessons in my day-to-day work.”

John Billings, Senior Software Engineer, Yelp


1 PM - 1:30 PM EDT
Richard Li, Datawire
Opening Keynote: Trends in Microservices

As more companies have adopted microservices, conventional wisdom on microservices architecture and best practices have started to converge. Based on Datawire's experience with dozens of companies, we’ll discuss the evolution of these key trends, including polyglot architectures, the service mesh, and the role of operations.

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1:30 PM - 2:30 PM EDT
Kevin Lynch & Doug Jones, Squarespace
Microservices at Squarespace

This talk covers the past, present, and future of Microservices at Squarespace. We begin with our journey to microservices, and describe the platform that made this possible. We introduce our idea of the “Pillars of Microservices”, everything a developer needs to have a successful production service. For each pillar we describe why we think it is important and discuss the implementation and how we utilize it in our environment. Next, we look to the future evolution of our microservices environment including how we are using containerization and Kubernetes to overcome some of the problems we’ve faced with more static infrastructure.

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10 AM - 11 AM EDT
Lauri Apple, Zalando
How to Avoid Creating a GitHub Junkyard

As a former journalist, I tend to think in terms of storytelling. As an open source evangelist, I invite you to do the same. What you share on GitHub tells a story about you, your development practices, and your openness to others in the open source community. If you're motivated to gain users, contributors, and positive feedback about your projects, then building a compelling, coherent narrative is essential. In this talk, I'll share insights gained from "editing" Zalando's GitHub repository so we can tell a better story. From 400+ projects of widely differing quality, reliability and maintenance levels, we've winnowed our offerings to make our highest-quality work more discoverable. I'll share how we used GitHub and other tools to create guidelines, categories, and processes that bring sanity to our storytelling. If your organization is facing similar GitHub-bloat challenges, or looking for ways to manage your repos more effectively, you might find some help here.

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1 PM - 2 PM EDT
Paul MacKay, Ancestry
Ancestry's Journey towards Microservices, Containerization and Kubernetes

Adopting new development approaches such as containerization is a big change for traditional enterprise environments. Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, has been a big data company long before the term existed with billions of historical records and millions of family trees, much of which ran in a traditional IT environment. With a new flood of genomic data from its AncestryDNA test and the desire to continue to increase the speed of innovation, Ancestry adopted containerization and micro services using Kubernetes orchestration APIs. This session will describe Ancestry's journey to containerization and how a coherent and consistent API set such as Kubernetes can aid companies looking to make a similar transition. Paul MacKay, one of Ancestry’s Software Architects, will discuss what the company has learned during the past few years of development from both a technical and cultural change perspective.

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1 PM - 2 PM EDT
Rafael Schloming, Datawire
Move fast, make things: how developers can successfully adopt microservices

Big platform shifts are traditionally architecture/management led initiatives. Microservices is a big platform shift, but the most successful organizations embrace a bottoms-up approach to adopting microservices. In this talk, Rafael will talk about the evolution of microservices at organizations, and how microservices can (and should) be adopted by organizations one developer at a time.

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1 PM - 2 PM EDT
Matt Klein, Lyft
The Mechanics of Deploying Envoy at Lyft

The idea of the "service mesh" is becoming very popular in microservice design circles. However, the mechanics of deploying one into an existing infrastructure are far from simple. In this talk we will cover the logistical details of how Envoy was developed and deployed incrementally at Lyft, focusing primarily on the evolution of service mesh configuration management. We will also discuss why high level systems such as Istio are likely to be the main mechanism by which most customers ultimately get access to service mesh technology.

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2 PM - 2:15 PM EDT
Richard Li, Datawire
Closing Remarks

What to Expect

Learn from real microservices practitioners

The Microservices Practitioner Summit series is built by engineers for engineers. That's why the agenda is made up of real practitioners that are actually running microservices in production.

Gain exposure to cutting edge technologies

The conference agenda is sprinkled with state-of-the art technologies being used by companies running microservices today. You'll hear about Docker, Kubernetes, Envoy, and Istio from industry leaders.

Engage with practitioner speakers

With live Q&A, interactive polling, and hand raising features you'll be able to interact with speakers like you were sitting in a live audience. We'll have time for Q&A at the end of every session and make sure all of your questions get answered.

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The Human Side of Service-Oriented Architectures

Kolton Andrus (Netflix)
Breaking things on Purpose

Ben Christensen (Facebook, Hystrix; formerly at Netflix)
Don’t Build a Distributed Monolith

Randy Shoup (Stitch Fix, eBay, Google)
Microservice Ecosystems at Scale

Nic Bender (New Relic)
Designing APIs with customers in mind